Visual Artist and Designer.

I got involved in theatrical work a number of years ago when my kids were in elementary school. I have made costumes and headpieces, props, and designed and painted sets for performances that were constrained by very tight budgets. Luckily, my kid is a decent actor and got lead roles, so I had the opportunity to create some really fun costumes. Ursula's wig and Shrek's hood were particularly challenging.

This album contains some of the work that I have done for those productions, as well as a variety of photo shoots that I have participated in. My partner and I collaborate yearly on our family holiday cards, which have become increasingly elaborate in concept and execution. We do all of the work ourselves: making costumes, collecting and staging the backdrops, applying makeup, lighting and photography, and post production work.

Our most recent voodoo-themed card took about two months to create. Because of the amount of time that the makeup and costuming took for each person, we spent an entire day preparing and shooting each of us, as well as a day staging and photographing the background. I then photoshopped all four figures together into one image and added the background. I estimate that this piece took about 60 hours to create and is our most technically difficult piece to date.